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The USS Massachusetts Living History Group was established in 2010 by a small group of WWII re-enactors and Navy history enthusiasts. The goal of the USS Massachusetts Living History Group is to recreate a WWII US Navy “Ships Company and Marine Detachment”, bringing this historic vessel back to life as she was during World War Two.

The Living History Group drills once a month at Battleship Cove http://www.battleshipcove.com/ on board the Battleship Massachusetts and we conduct WWII training in basic seamanship as well as conducting standard and not so standard operations aboard this World War Two Battleship. We stand watches on the Quarterdeck and act as docents aboard the ship, speaking to visitors about the life of a Sailor and Marine serving aboard a Battleship during World War Two. Most of all, we have one of the greatest platforms for this hobby around. We are actually aboard the Battleship Massachusetts and our Living History /
Re-enactment happens here "on her historic decks and passageways".
We sleep in the same racks and we eat on the same mess deck's as her Sailors did in WWII.

All US Navy sailors, throughout history have a rate, or job, as well as rank. On board Battleship Massachusetts you will choose a rate based on what interests you have. The US Navy has many rates or jobs and with a ships compliment of over 1600 enlisted men the majority of jobs available in the Navy in 1943 would be found on a battleship. After you choose a rate it will be your responsibility to research and learn the rate and with time in the LHG in conjunction with knowledge of rate and the Navy you will advance in rank. Very similar to how the Navy has promoted its Sailors since 1775.

We look forward to seeing you aboard!

       USSMLHG Sailors Guide, in Adobe pdf         

Ships company communications are available at:

Chain of Command:

Captain George Devlin - President
Commanding Officer, USS Massachusetts Living History Group

Lieutenant John  Pietruszka - Vice President (Navy Branch)
Division 1 Leader, USS Massachusetts Living History Group

Captain Ed Tracy - Vice President (Marine Branch)
Commanding Marine Detachment, USS Mass Living History Group

Lt. Suzy Killgrew - Vice President (Women's Units)

Lt. Steve Delsignore - Secretary/Treasurer
Chaplain, USS Massachusetts Living History Group

      CPO Division 1 Navy Personnel
      CQM Keith Nitka

  CPO Division 2 Navy Personnel
  BMC Kevin Killgrew

We look forward to serving with you to preserve Battleship History.

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